Friday, 22 November 2013

Support group and TDOR

Remember last month when I chickened out of going to a support group? Well, on Monday I tried again, and this time I found the courage to push myself through that door and into my local trans community! I went in boy mode, but presenting effeminately, and introduced myself as Tyler, making sure to indicate that it was only my birth name. It was very good to meet other people like me.

The discussions were mostly related to medical or legal aspects of transitioning, and so didn't have much to do with where I am. The focus of the group might not be what I'm looking for at this time. However, I learned of a different group that meets there that's more of a TG\CD social group, and I think I'd like to join them at some point. Either way, next time I'm in such a setting, I hope to go as a girl.

This Wednesday was Transgender Day of Remembrance, and the first one since I've identified as trans. I didn't go to any services, but I read the list for this year, and it's absolutely heart-breaking. Honestly, I don't even know what to say about this stuff, but perhaps I don't really have to: that ugly list can speak for itself.


  1. I havent commented in a while, apologies, ive had a lot going on. But wow, so much has happened and you have come so far in the mean time, I have really enjoyed reading about your exploits.

    Epilating is far too painful for me to push past, waxing is a lot easier. Apparently once youve been waxed a few times epilating is a lot easier since there are fewer hairs and they have been weakened, and you are used to the pain. Oh, and you are not meant to use it on the face. The hairs are too deep and you can damage the skin, its only designed to be used on body hair.

    Well done on getting out of the house dressed up! And it was especially brave of you to do so in heels!!! That was dangerous, make sure you get some appropriate shoes next time! Have you found any social groups worth going to yet?

    And finally I like your morning mantra, it is so sweet. I hope you still keep it up. :)

    1. No need to apologize, Aimee!

      Yeah, the face epilating was the result of feeling depressed and doing something kind of stupid out of desperation. :) Afterwards I went and read a bunch of stuff about it and realized it's not such a good idea. I've since been using it on my arms and have gotten to the point where it doesn't really hurt, but now the problem is that it causes a lot of ingrown hairs. :(

      Thanks! And yeah, I'll definitely buy some girl boots before I try to walk through snow again.
      There is one group I'd like to try going to, but it looks like I'll be busy the next time they meet, so it might have to wait a bit...