[EDIT: this is super out of date right now, I'll update it when I get time.]

Let's see if I can answer some questions you might have if you're stopping by my little blog...

Who are you? I am many things! For starters, I'm an amateur musician, intermittently an astrophysics major (though not in school at the moment), and a bit of a hippie— (or at least I look like one). Also, I am transgender.

Transgender how? Well, I'm still trying to figure that out. When I started this blog I was identifying as an effeminate male, but I've learned a lot about myself since then. At this point I'd say I definitely "lean toward" the female end of the spectrum. I'm out to my immediate family and a few friends, but I'm still primarily living as a man, (albeit the kind of man who rocks nail polish and mascara on a regular basis!). I do hope to socially transition at some point, but I'm uncertain about the extent to which I want\need to medically transition. Currently I'm just getting electrolysis.

What's this blog about? Mostly introspective musings related to the subject of gender, though I reserve the right to talk about other stuff when I feel like it.

Why does your blog have such a weird name? 'Cause I'm terribe at naming things. I originally wanted to call the blog Butterflies and Zebras, which is a line from a Jimi Hendrix song. A quick search of the interwebs showed that there were like a jillion blogs with that name, so I tried to think of something more original. I've long had an interest in Scandinavian culture, so I decided to translate "butterflies and zebras" into Swedish, resulting in the awkward name it has now. At the time I doubted this blog would last very long, or that anyone would read it, so I didn't think the name really mattered. But one of these days I should probably change it.

If you have any other questions, just leave a comment! ♥


  1. Just started reading your blog, hon - I tried to join, but I guess that option isn't set. No matter; I'll just read 'em all on my own, 'cause now I'm hooked!

    FYI - you are absolutely adorable, sweetie! You will have no trouble transitioning, regardless of how far you choose to go.

    And last but not least... yea for Edmonton! I'm one of those rare Americans who actually is interested in our neighbor north of the Maple Curtain. lol Edmonton is a great city, although I only had the briefest of visits so far. Some day...

    Anyway, thank you for the lovely comment on my blog today, hon! It was very much appreciated!


    1. Aw thanks Cass, I think you just kind of made day! :) ...and that means a lot 'cause I was having a pretty crummy day today.

      Yeah, I guess I should get around to adding one of those join-y things on here.

      Oh, and Edmonton's a lovely town, but our winters are too long and too coooold!

  2. Hi Ashley, would like to follow your blog, but as Cass mentioned a year ago, the join doesn't work from here. interesting enough Cass seems to have joined also Halle, Alice etc, do you have a back door ?
    Abigale xx

    1. Hi Abigale, hmm not sure why it's not working, I'll have to look into that. Either way, since you're on Blogger you should be able to add it by going to your Blogger dashboard, clicking the 'Add' button under 'Reading list' and pasting the url in. If you mostly use Google+ though, I have no idea...